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Danang Tour: Ba Na Hills - Nui Chua Mountain (1 Day)

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  • Lịch trình: Ba Na Hills, Nui Chua Mountain, Ba Na Resort
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  • Ba Na is located on Chua Mountain in the Truong Son Mountains, around 1,487m above the sea, in Hoa Vang District, 30km from the center of Danang City.
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Departure: upon your demand

Morning: Pick up at hotel/airport/station then transfer to Bana Hills Station.  You have a chance to ride on a modern system of cable cars where you can get a bird’s-eye view, very miraculous and attractive while enjoying a feeling of flying in the blue sky amidst the clouds and wind. You will visit some old French villas en route.

Visit Vong Nguyet villa where you can see the wine cellar, Linh Ung Pagoda, Sakyamuni Buddha’s monument and Ba Na by night.

Lunch in restaurant whilst. Relax and contemplate the spectacular views of Ba Na Moutain and Forests.


14h00: Visit Monkey Garden and discover Ba Na natural ecology. Conquer Nui Chua & the Mountain Peak (at the height of 1,487m. The tour guide will then take you to the unique recreation area of Ba Na - Fantasy, with many new and attractive games.

You come back to cable car station and get on cabin for returning to Danang City. Drop-off and say good bye. Tour ends!

In case of cancellation due to travel company's fault:


* In the event that the Company fails to organize this tour in line with customer booking, the Company shall give customers immediate notice and reimburse customer payment within 03 days after the notice is sent.


* The Company shall incur charges of all service that it has reserved such as hotel, restaurant and transportation.


In case of cancellation due to customer's fault:


Before the date of departure, any customer who can not join the trip for any reason shall gives the Company prompt notice and incur cancellation charge as follows:


* Cancellation made 07 days prior to departure is charged at 30% of total booking value


* Cancellation made 02-06 days prior to departure is charged at 50% of total booking value


* Cancellation made within 24 hours prior to departure is charged at 100% of total booking value


* Cancellation notice must be sent in written form via email or fax and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellation notice via phone is invalid.


* No refund for those who quit the trip en route.

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